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04.06.2019 Exclusive News

Aseibu Amanfi, The Unsung Hero And Artiste

By Yeboah Gilbert
Aseibu Amanfi
LISTEN JUN 4, 2019
Aseibu Amanfi

He is one of the greatest musicians Ghana has ever witnessed. His style, his melodious voice, his proverbial lines, his stage performance, the energy he employs on stage, his command over the Twi Language will never be forgotten.

Ghana must celebrate a highlife legend whose name and works has ever been a household name. A great legend who has never been remembered in the good books of Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMA) since its conception in 1999, 20 years down the line.

We present to you, Mr Yaw Owusu known in the Highlife music industry as Aseibu Amanfi.

This great Ghanaian musician started his music career in 1976 then as a young and talented artiste. His contribution to Highlife music in Ghana can never be challenged with any shred of doubt.

Aseibu's punchlines coupled with coded proverbs and command on the Twi Language would keep you in your sofa for minutes before you realise what he means on a particular line, by then, the whole track might have ended which will make you request a replay.

The energy he employs on stage during stage performances would always pull audience along anytime he mounted the stage.

Most Ghanaians would best remember this great legend with some works he has out there. We are talking about the man behind these memorable hits:

Osaman Foforo, Ka Na wu, Sika Kankan, Sika kasa a, Bama So, Kakra Beka wo, Gyae su, Ntomafra mu, Baabiara ne ha, Nyame bekyere, Akua Foriwaa, Anomaa Hemaa, Gyese Asamando, just to mention but a few.

This great Ghanaian music legend will forever be remembered in the golden books of Seancitygh and the many Ghanaians who are appreciative of history and the very brains behind highlife music a Ghana origin, will forever appreciate the good works of Mr Yaw Owusu a.k.a Aseibu Amanfi.

To you, Mr Yaw Owusu known as Aseibu Amanfi, Seancitygh says Ayekoo, Mo ne adwuma, your good works forever speaks for you. We are proud of you and your works.

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