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I know When I Meet The Right Man —TV Host

I know When I Meet The Right Man —TV Host
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Being in a relationship can be quite a pleasant experience especially when it’s with the right person who reciprocates the same level of affection, and while many have been lucky, others have found it hard to get the ‘right person’.

TV host and Model, Lark GH has revealed certain tips that could help her fans and women generally identify the right man.

The young single screen diva mentioned that she is yet to meet her ‘Mr. Right’ and that she will definitely recognize him when she does.

“When you meet the right person, you would not go through a lot of problems. Things will just work out without you putting much effort into the relationship. Most people force themselves into an abusive relationship trying to ‘make it work’. It’s more or less like putting two negative magnets to hold. I know when the right one comes and I know I have not met him yet,” she said.

Lark Gh is the host of Celebrity Chit Chat on Lark TV.


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