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09.05.2019 General News

Awards Scheme Organizers Should Avoid Favoritism, Nepotism - Xbills Advice

By Xbills Walkergh
Awards Scheme Organizers Should Avoid Favoritism, Nepotism - Xbills Advice

A motivational speaker, founder and owner of GhEvent media Mr. Emmanuel Baidoo popularly known as Xbills walkergh of GhEvent advises.

Ghana's music industry keeps on going international day in and day out, and in fact, our artistes are really shaking and lifting the flag of Ghana strongly through music.

We give thanks to the creative industry, MUSIGA, event organizers and all industry players for the respective roles they are playing to push our music worldwide.

Music Awards schemes are also one of the channels to have really come to help our artistes know what they are really doing in the industry. It has given a chance for their fans and the world also acknowledge them through their music.

In fact, awards schemes have really brought competition in the industry also and are paving ways for most artistes in Ghana to reach international standards.

Music awards schemes have helped most artistes to speak on the history of their music life, and always show that indeed good works also deserve to be rewarded.

We accept and are very happy that music awards schemes have come to stay, and a lot of Ghanaian youths are also investing in such a system to help award our artistes.

We are therefore calling for fairness in the operation of awards schemes. A lot of Ghanaian musicians are underground artistes without managers and they are really hustling to push their music brands far and these schemes involve public voting and really demand money.

We entreat all music awards organizers to respect the showbiz business and respect all the Ghanaian artistes as well. They should all be treated the same when he or she deserves an award for their hard work.

Music awards scheme organizers should not consider any artistes to be awarded when he or she does not deserve it. We should also try not to introduce family affairs when it comes to showbiz business, and when we do that, our awards schemes will be highly respected, loved all the time and our music will keep climbing to the highest level always.