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28.04.2019 General News

Medikal Places $10,000 To Anyone Who Finds His Missing Jesus Chain

Medikal Places $10,000 To Anyone Who Finds His Missing Jesus Chain

The ‘Omo Ada’ hitmaker, Medikal has promised to give anyone who finds his missing Jesus designed chain $10,000 on the spot when it is handed over to him physically.

According to Medikal, he lost his chain in Sunyani Technical University and because of how dear the chain is to him, his ready to give anyone who finds it an amount of 500 million old cedis.

Medikal tweeted:

So I lost my Jesus piece chain last night in Sunyani, ?? whoever finds it gets a cash price? $10,000 (Ghc51,000) payment will be made the same day You bring it, no cap! ??

This means that even if you are the person who stole it and happens to return it, you still stand the chance of winning 500 million and more.


On Saturday night, the Omo Ada hitmaker and award-winning stage star was frustrated by an audience member as his cell phone and diamond chain was snatched from him offstage after performing at Sunyani Technical University.

However, he was able to retrieve his cell phone, while the chain was no were to be found. Medikal spent closely to 1hr after his performance trying to retrieve his chain. Several witnesses hailed Medikal’s actions.

Well, one may also ask why will Medikal of his calibre go searching for his chain? According to a close source for the show revealed to us that, the chain is wealth $250.000.