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18.04.2019 Celebrity

Music Brought Me Fame Not Money - Abrewa Nana

Vanessa Bless Nordzi
Music Brought Me Fame Not Money - Abrewa Nana

Ghanaian singer and songwriter Dorcas Opoku Dakwa, popularly known as Abrewa Nana says her career as a musician, brought her fame without enough money as expected.

The musician in an exclusive interview with Toga Borga said although she got the fame she wanted, the money aspect was not encouraging.

She, however, indicated that her determination, hard work and other skills aside music, gave her a solid foundation financially.

Abrewa Nana bemoaned that music didn’t give her the money to invest in other businesses but rather it was through the fame that she was able to get the opportunity to generate the resources for her other businesses.

When asked if she was okay with what music brought her she answered, “I am okay. Music is a talent and just like ministry. I am happy and okay with what music did for me.”

Comparing her days to the current shape of the industry today, Abrewa Nana added that musicians are gaining a lot of financial benefit from music currently compared to the past.

“In the past, it was difficult to even get sponsorship for shows. Today, we have people who understand the industry and are willing to invest in music. It is easier this day than back then. Companies today, are calling musicians to be their brand ambassadors, it was not like that in the past,” she intimated.