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12.04.2019 Exclusive News

Gospel Artiste Yayra Shiameh To Release New Album Titled 'Everywhere I Go'

Gospel Artiste Yayra Shiameh To Release New Album Titled 'Everywhere I Go'

Upcoming Gospel artiste Yayra Shiameh is set to release her new album titled 'Everywhere I Go' on 28th April, 2019 at the Church of Pentecost Christ Temple, Afienya.

Yayra Shiameh is from a family of Five. She is the last born and aside singing, Yayra is also a young female entrepreneur.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with ModernGhana Entertainment, Yayra gave a little background of herself.

According to her, she entered the gospel music industry in the year 2017 and have been singing for the past 2 years now with a passion and love for Christ.

She noted that singing to project Christ to the world and leading people to true worship gives her inner peace and joy.

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In describing the content of the album, Yayra mentioned that; “the song is really inspiring and is all about how we are fearful and wonderfully made according to the image of God and the great things He will do for us.

"Ghanaians and the entire world should expect more inspiring and life changing songs from me. It is my desire to propagate the word of God through music and win souls into the kingdom of God,” she intimated.

When asked what she intends to achieve in the next five years with her music, she indicated that, “In the next five years I see my music reaching the world and transforming the lives of people and getting them closer to our lord Jesus Christ. My expectation from this single release is that, people will learn how to appreciate the love of God and be grateful for their lives.

“My advice to the upcoming young ones is that they should wait upon the Lord and allow the Holy Spirit to guide them in whatever they do. They should not be in a hurry to follow the world because they can be distracted from the purpose for which they were brought onto this earth”.

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