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05.04.2019 Celebrity

I Was Depressed When My Finances Went Down—KK Fosu

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I Was Depressed When My Finances Went Down—KK Fosu
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Lots of people struggle with depression on daily basis. Some end up with suicidal thoughts and those who are not able to get the necessary help needed end up losing their lives. Most industry players go through a lot of these emotional breakdown because there is a lot of pressure from their fans to always be the best no matter the circumstances.

Highlife singer Kaakyire Kwame Fosu, widely recognised as K. K. Fosu, has disclosed he got depressed when his finances could not meet up with his music career.

Detailing how he got to that point, Mr Fosu explained he ventured into business but it did not go well for him after he cemented his brand in the Ghanaian music industry.

Speaking on Adom FM’s Work and Happiness show, Mr Fosu told host OPD that depression worried him but it never got to the extreme.

“I started very hot and some financial issues took me down. Now, I have a record label and things are going on well. We all need help to grow. I chased some wrong businesses and all those things made me slow but now I am back,” he assured.

Explaining how he got out of his depressed state, the highlife musician said he focused more on developing himself and signing onto a new record label.

“I was thinking and having lots of pressure. If you are not strong it will overtake you. Being a star didn’t get to me at that point, I was depressed at a point but if you let the stardom get to you, you will mess up. You have to take things slow as they come,” he said.

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