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29.03.2019 Celebrity

AK Songstress Cries Foul Over Unfair Treatment

By Vanessa Bless Nordzi
AK Songstress Cries Foul Over Unfair Treatment
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Despite the fact that some female artistes have managed to climb up the ladder to success in the music industry compared to their male colleagues but the fact still remains that they do not enjoy as much privilege as the men.

There are those who have to use sex appeal to get noticed. Others too are in the public domain because they are backed by people with money but there are many talented acts who seem to have been sidelined over the years.

One artiste who has felt ‘neglected’ over the years is Reggae/Dancehall artiste, AK Songstress, who in an exclusive interview with Showbiz last week said the media and the music industry had been unfair to her.

“The truth is that the media has not been fair to me and the industry as well. I work, I produce songs yet I am not appreciated in my own country rather, in other countries call me for gigs and honour me with awards, why is that so? Sometimes I ask myself these questions,” she said.

Explaining why she was making the claims, AK Songstress said, “It looks like the media has a certain group of people they want to promote or write about. So you will see a particular group of artistes being in the news every time.”

“Again, they are not fair to me because I do not do what the others do, I am not involved in any scandal, and there are no naked pictures of me. My costume has not come off on stage, some parts of my body has not been exposed so the media is not talking about me or pushing me.”

AK Songstress also criticised event organisers for their selective booking of artistes for their shows.

“Some event organisers also have some particular people they want to use every time for their shows which is not really a problem for me because it is their business but is that how it has to be all the time? She quizzed.

AK Songstress added that; “I want to be loved and appreciated for my music, my stagecraft, my energy, my production and nothing else. I am not desperate to trend neither is it a do or die affair for me.”

In spite of her complaints, AK Songstress gave thumbs up to those who had helped push her brand all these years. “There are some people who have also played a role in my journey to the top and I must say thank you to them but for the others, the time to help is now.”

She was also emphatic that the challenges would not make her give up her music dreams. “None of these things will stop me from being the person I want to be. I believe that at the right time, my own will appreciate me but until then, I will keep being me, doing what I do best.”

No matter the obstacles, the musician said the journey had been fulfilling. “It has been great when I look at where I started from and where I have gotten to, I would say God has been faithful.”

“I have been able to acquire certain things, some are material and the brand has now become an accepted one. It is really fulfilling,” she said.

AK Songstress won the Best Female Dancehall Artiste at the Ghana-Naija Showbiz Awards in 2017 and Best Female Musician in Ghana at the City People Entertainment Awards in Nigeria in 2015.

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Vanessa Bless Nordzi
Vanessa Bless Nordzi