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Celebrity | Mar 26, 2019

Marriage Is Not In My Plans For Now - Vicky Zukah

Ghanaian actress Vicky Zugah has stated that marriage is not her priority list.

After going through series of failed relationships, the budding actress stated that she doesn’t need marriage to be happy or fulfilled.

Vicky said although she is not against marriage, she does not like the fact that society looks down on people when people attain a certain age and are not married especially a woman.

“Happiness comes from within and not from marriage or your spouse. Not every woman is born to marry. Some women want to have a good career and travel around and be happy,” she said in a Facebook Live video on Sunday, March 23.

“I would rather be single than to be married and be miserable. Looking at the divorce rate out there, I think I am okay being single right now,” she said.

The mother of two said she is happy she didn’t bow to societal pressure to settle down. “The pressure is everywhere and it’s not funny anymore. Some women won’t marry because they haven’t found the right person and that is what I want people to understand,” she said.

Later in an interview with Showbiz, Vicky Zugah said she no longer attends church due to some of these things.

“Everyone looks at you some way when you enter the church especially when you have children and you are not married. For now, I’m happy and I don’t even think about a man now,” she said.

According to Vicky, her aim right now is to make a lot of money and not being with a man who will order her around.

“Men cannot be trusted and I have a lot of experience with them; they will be very nice to you at the initial stage and start misbehaving when they have their way. I am through with all that,” she stressed.