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Mar 7, 2019 | Celebrity

Hamamat Montia, So Black, So Beautiful !

...Sheer butter trumps contour queen
Hamamat Montia, So Black, So Beautiful !

Hamamat Montia, a Ghanaian model, former Miss Malaika (2006) model of African Universe ( 2007) and Mnet Face of Africa ( 2008) from Bolgatanga in the Upper East region of Ghana says the secret behind her beauty is sheer butter.

The mother of two daughters, Safari and Zuri oozes black beauty, Ghanaian class and Ghanaian beauty.

Tuntum Nahana ampa. Her pride in being Ghanaian is something we should all emulate. Here's to a natural Ghanaian girl and African Queen that would make 2face's heart go ding-a-ling-a-ling.... remind him of a thing... the African beauty, so black so beautiful.

This is a miss Ghana, showing culture and style. Hamamat's secret to looking naturally sexy- sheer butter from the northern region she says.

Here is the link to her Instagram page: ( )

Check out her pictures below sourced from her Instagram page.

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37201950041 j4eq276ggb img 1310

37201950043 8dt2wkjvvq img 1311

37201950045 txobredq5l img 1312

37201950047 swnaqdcp5k img 1313

37201950049 txobredq5l img 1314

37201950050 l5hsk8v331 img 1315

37201950052 k5grj7u3h1 img 1316

37201950054 swnaqecp5k img 1317

37201950056 m6itl8w331 img 1318

37201950058 uypcsferrm img 1319

37201950059 m6htk8w331 img 1320

37201950101 n6iul8x332 img 1321

37201950103 8dt2wjivuq img 1322

37201950105 0h830n4ayt img 1323

37201950107 1j041q5ccw img 1324

37201950108 qvmxpcb543 img 1325

37201950110 1j041p5cbw img 1326

37201950111 0g830n4yyt img 1327

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