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Feb 21, 2019 | Celebrity

Giovani’s ‘Adult Content’ Records A Blast Of Fun

By Vanessa Bless Nordzi
Giovani’s ‘Adult Content’ Records A Blast Of Fun

The audience at the maiden edition of the “Adult Content” held a day after Valentine’s day this month, got served with nothing but the best on a night that was premised on thrills, laughter and ecstasy. The event was organised by Celebrated Radio and TV Presenter, Giovani Caleb.

It was described as an ‘intimate comedy and music experience for couples and singles’ and it appears the show lived up to the billing.

Speaking in an exclusive interview Modern Ghana Entertainment, Giovani revealed that he took inspiration from the current political tensions and decided to calm down tempers with the show.

He decided to come up with something that will educate yet entertain the audience.

Giovani indicated that the program was infused with comedy, music and most important of all sex education.

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Giovani is well convinced from all indications that AdultContent, has come to stay for good.

“We only need to improve certain areas but we are hopeful for a great content next time,” he said.

He observed that although the turnout wasn’t encouraging, performances on the night met the expectations of the audience.

“The program went well as expected even though the turn out wasn’t that great but I am glad that the audience exceeded their expectations. We did encounter some challenges though which is normal to new ideas and concepts. One of the challenges we faced was getting sponsorship for the program. It was a bit difficult getting the support from some industry players”, he stated.

He also added that the audience was thrilled and excited especially when “Kwan Pa Band” performed.

“It was my first time hearing the “4 man band” play and I was thrilled by their dexterity in playing both contemporary and old highlife tunes using the palm wine music style. They dazzled the audience with Ama Amponsah just the same way they did with Shatta Wale’s My Level. Their interaction with the audience was an endearing part of their act and it makes sense why they have become famous quite quickly.”

Giovani also commended the comedians who came on board to share their craft with the audience.

“When you keep putting in the work and taking advice and working on your craft, you simply get better. Here is the thing with this Primary 4 teacher – he is a naturally funny guy and does so very effortlessly. If you thought he was only good with putting videos together and speaking deep Twi, you got it wrong. His stand up is just as on point and he did so beautifully combining Twi and English. He started off deceiving us that the next line in a joke he was giving required us to be quiet….except that we didn’t need to be quiet.”

“There is a very deliberate effort by the now known comedians to create the platform for new ones to flourish. Often when they have their shows, they have these new lads to open the shows and did they deliver on the night! I have listened to some before, but a couple, I only saw last Friday. The first was PJay. The second was Ranzy. Next was Teekay and the last was MJ the comedian. They took hold of the opportunity and delivered very beautifully. They are names to look out for to join the current stars made up of Lekzy, OB, Jacinta, Teacher Kwadwo, Khemikal, DKB, Foster, ID James Brown, etc. these guys made the audience go wild!!

When asked about the timing of the program, he added that since the program was aired on a working day which was Friday, it contributed to the low turnout.

“The timing of the show, 5.30pm on a Friday that was a working day meant that patrons who would have liked to show up could not make it because it was too soon after the close of work and traffic leading to the Accra Mall area was as always, legendary.”

Giovani further appealed to sponsors to get aboard events of this nature which helps to reduce stress and the level of tension in the country.

“I would like to appeal to sponsors to support the show financially since it costs a lot to put things like these together. It would bring some level of financial relief to us. Paying for venue, artists, photographers etc. all come at a great cost. I got to know that there is a local outfit (Odo Asem) that distributes sex-related accoutrements, and here I mean all kinds of stuff that can spice your sex life.

…There was also a condom brand (Unidus) that does a little more than just protection. I also had some exciting cocktails from GIHOC which I didn’t know existed. You know those cocktails that do not leave you a hangover and also does not leave that irritating odour in your mouth – that type.”

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