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14.02.2019 Opinion

Is Kasheme The Treasure Trove Of Zurich?

By Wilfred Clarke
Is Kasheme The Treasure Trove Of Zurich?
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The International Radio Festival has done well by involving a non-radio station to participate in its festival in Malta, Valletta to be precise.

One of the purpose and focus of the International Radio Festival is to let people know how the world sounds on one music platform through the power of radio via the internet.

Come to think of it, anyone would wonder as to the reason why, a non-radio station could be invited among international radio festival platforms.

The reason might be arguably simple. Kasheme is a place in Zurich-Switzerland that has something in common with the International Radio Festival.

And that something is music of all kinds, which in many or most cases, some DJs are scared, shied or afraid to play. They dare not. Their playlist is void of such unpopular music.

Hence Kasheme. Kasheme is a place where DJs are allowed to play the music they love, to Kasheme audience and patrons in an ambience where one can sip some cocktails, dine or wine.

The calibre of music they entertain is just out of this planet. This is because most social places or radio stations like to go with the flow by playing basically commercial music.

In this light, Kasheme does not play what is played commercially by almost any other station; it does just the direct opposite. And that is where their uniqueness stands out.

Since there is a time and a place for each and everything in the world, Kasheme provides its place as a music hub where the DJ gets to pick and choose any song of their choices.

With no pressure to mix or blend in no particular order as a DJ or music lover, one is allowed to sit in a living room environment, indulge the moment as patrons listen to music of all connotations.

In case you cannot wait till you get to Switzerland and for that matter Zurich for a bit of the Kasheme experience, no problem at all.

Just hop on to the internet and google the International Radio Festival 2018 and search for Kasheme and have a listen. Or pay them a visit as you feel their vibes in the flesh in Zurich.

Kasheme is giving music a chance to be heard by pushing the world's music across all boundaries. And it is arguably echoing above and beyond the walls of Zurich.

Although Kasheme is all about the music as the music is all about Kasheme, there is some Swiss gastronomy in waiting as well.

All in one, Kasheme is equal to a LIVINGROOM, a RECORD-STORE, a STUDIO and a BAR.

So Kudus, to Darryl Von Daniken and his management for braving the 'waves and the storms' to invite Kasheme to the international Radio Festival 2018.

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