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Feb 6, 2019 | Hot Issues

Aflik TV To Feature Budukusu On Amazon Prime Video

By Vanessa Bless Nordzi
Aflik TV To Feature Budukusu On Amazon Prime Video

Ghanaian born fastest rapper Jacob Nana Kwame Etroo porpularly known as Budukusu will have his latest video; ‘Sangolo’ featured on Amazon Prime Video, one of the world’s largest subscription platforms.

Aflik TV continues to bridge African culture with other cultures by bringing African inspired content to the digital space.

Budukusu’s single Sangolo, featuring Wyre, will air February 6, 2019. The audience will gravitate to this as his fans have enjoyed his other hits such as "Wind and Go Low," "U Too Bad," and "Baby" to name a few.

The song, including other hit singles, is just a sample of the versatile compilation the rapper has created while with his management team, Bakus Records and Entertainment; and MIH Cultainment.

He is widely known for hits such as ‘Wind and Go Low’, ‘U Too Bad’, and ‘Baby’ and others.

During the early stage of his musical career, he was instrumental in combining Twi and Root African vibes which later became his own genre called Tongue twisting.

To remain in line with his versatility, a rebranding took place, going from Quata Budukusu to Budukusu. Continuing with his stellar management team, they collaborated with Aflik TV and Media Today Agenci as their new media partners to handle all aspects of the rebranding, marketing, and promotion, as well as a new website,, to keep up with his tour dates and upcoming projects.

Budukusu is well received in Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, many other African countries and the US, and therefore wish to capture hearts worldwide by featuring Sangolo on Amazon Prime as a way of casting the net wider. Not only will his single, Sangolo, featuring Wyre be featured on Amazon Prime, but Budukusu also did the soundtrack for an upcoming Nollywood movie, SADE.

Budukusu is the only musician to record a13 tracked album on the same rhythm.

President and CEO of Aflik TV stated in an interview, “We have many talented musicians we want to help expand their fanbase. It was a great synergy to connect with Bakus Records and Budukusu."

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