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Feb 5, 2019 | Exclusive News

"The Premiere Of '3 Idiots And A Wiseman' Turned Out Better Than Expected"- Lawyer Nti

By Vanessa Bless Nordzi

The Atmosphere on Saturday at the national theater was absolutely breathtaking as lots of people trooped in to watch the premiere of “3 idiots and a Wiseman”. The comic movie was premiered at the National Theatre on the 2nd of February 2019 at 5pm & 8pm respectively. The turnout for the 5pm premier was massive.

Speaking to some of the people who attended the premiere, they stated that; “This premiere was a very good one. I think this is the first movie premiere in 2019 and the record that has been set is going to be very difficult to break.

The turn up was massive during both shows. The first show which was premiered at the 5pm show had a massive turn up. The surprising thing was the 8pm show the tickets were all sold out despite the weather and the rain, people still managed to attend. All three floors of the National Theater was full to the extent that people had to sit on the stairs.

Speaking to one of the Characters in the movie in an exclusive interview with Modern Ghana, Richmond Xavier Amoakoh popularly known as Lawyer Ntim, stated that when he saw the change in the weather it scared him a little bit because he wasn’t sure if people were still going to show up. But at the end of the day, everything turned out well. “The premiere turned out exactly as we anticipated but I must admit I was a little bit scared when it started drizzling nonstop but God came through for us. People still managed to come and I was very grateful.”

When asked about the challenges he faced during the shooting of the movie, he explained that they didn’t face many challenges during the shooting of the movie as everyone was very professional. “None that I can think of. “There weren't any major challenges. The shooting went as planned, everyone was professional about it. However, we went beyond our budget so one would be right to say we spent a lot on it. We pushed a lot of money into the premier.”

He also added that the production was a collaboration between Plan B Studios and Superfam Network and because the duo has worked on projects together before, it was easier to work with the whole team. According to him, everyone got along very well. “We know each other already, having worked on some projects together before. It was all fun. We would make jokes and laugh in between takes or during breaks. Akrobeto's birthday was somewhere during the shoot and we surprised him with a cake during the shooting. He thank everyone with a very hilarious speech”.

He finally said that his best moments during the making of the movie was the surprise birthday party the held for Akrobeto.

Below are some shots from the premiere;

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