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Jan 14, 2019 | General News

Top Rwandan Model Killed

By Modern Ghana
Alexia Mupende
Alexia Mupende

Rwandan model and actress Alexia Mupende was killed on Tuesday evening at her father's house. The 35-year-old showcased Rwanda's clothing brands on the international scene, according to a BBC report.

Preliminary reports suggest that she died after being stabbed by a domestic worker, Rwanda's private pro-government paper the New Times reports.

It has emerged that she was due to get married next month and wedding invitations had been sent out, it says.

Private Ugandan paper the Daily Monitor adds that Ms. Mupende lived in Kenya, where she was born, Uganda and Rwanda.

It says she did her primary and secondary school education in Kenya and Uganda respectively before moving to Rwanda, where she studied Business Information and Technology.

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