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Jan 12, 2019 | Exclusive News

Afropop Musician, Fuse ODG Opens Up on Inferiority Complex Abroad

By Modern Ghana
Afropop Musician, Fuse ODG Opens Up on Inferiority Complex Abroad

According to Fuse, it was so serious that at a point he was trying to sound like a British because he didn’t want to be noticed as an African.

Speaking to Sammy Forson on Joy Fm’s Personality Profile, Fuse explained that it’s by such attempt to sound like a British that has caused his “Twi” to be diluted and doesn’t sound authentic because he avoided speaking his local dialect so as not be noticed as a Ghanaian. Delving into what brainwashed him to be shy of his motherland, he said growing up in Europe, there was a stereotype about “Black People” and he didn’t want to be associated with such perception about Africans.

In the conversation monitored by Pulse gh, the singer also mentioned that all these experiences have now shaped his keen interest to change the archaic narrative about Africa and its people.

That’s why in my “Bra Fie” song I said “ I am a human being in Africa but a black man in America … don’t forget where you come from … don’t forget your mother tongue” he told Sammy Forson.

When asked if he’ll ever consider coming back to permanently live in Ghana, Fuse ODG who said he wanted to have ten children, replied that it’s for such thoughts that he is always in Ghana every month, where he does all his musical recordings in the studio inside his East Legon masion.

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