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04.01.2019 Art & Culture

Pimpinese In The 'City Of Gold-Coast' London

By Wilfred Clarke
Pimpinese In The 'City Of Gold-Coast' London
LISTEN JAN 4, 2019

The PM and Clarke Pentoa once again ignited The Gold-Coast Bar & Restaurant in London with their PIMPINESE NIGHT OUT.

Saturday was arguably one of the most enjoyable, memorable and entertaining moments in the lives of some Ghanaian revellers who thronged in their droves to the PIMPINESE NIGHT on the 29th 0f December last year.

Pimpinese Night is a musical party that takes its patrons on a journey of 'old school', classic and other genres of music that nourishes and embodies the lives of its numerous patrons.

Taking their time to entertain the dancing crowd, DJ Slim played some great Hi-Life music. And putting the Dance-hall ravers in their rightful position was DJ Rexy.

The Toastmaster was Clarke Pentoa as far as the night was concerned and Pacman as supporting MC. A great night it was as usual.

But Pimpinese Night would not have been completed without the mercurial disc jockey ‘The-PM’ doing his Hip-Life session with a blend of some old school Rhythm and Blues.

And for those who missed out, there is something up for you if you keep searching on sound-cloud as DJ Slim is preparing to upload some of the fun just for you.

This year's would be something else as management have already started preparations in terms of quality DJS for PIMPINESE NIGHT OUT 2019.