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Dec 11, 2018 | General News

Photos: Joy Prime, SALM Rock Fans @ “A Beautiful Christmas” Concert

By Joy Prime | Jean Kyoko
Photos: Joy Prime, SALM Rock Fans @ “A Beautiful Christmas” Concert

Harmonous Chorale over the weekend held the attention of the thousands of patrons who thronged the PIWC Dome at ATTC, Accra with a fascinating musical performance in a concert dubbed ‘A Beautiful Christmas’.

Put together by Joy Prime in partnership with the Salt and Light Ministries (SALM), the event which took place on Sunday, December 9, lived to the billing as the 2,000 capacity auditorium was filled with music lovers.

The Concert was at its peak when the Choir enacted some hilarious scenes from the Nativity story followed by an eruption of singing and dancing as patrons were ushered to the dance floor during the Choir’s electric performance of the ever-popular “Oye” song.

The event which was broadcasted live on Ghana’s favourite entertainment and family channel, Joy Prime, also ushered viewers into the festive season with melodious carols, classical, and choral highlife music amid choreography and drama.

Harmonious Chorale is well known for its superb performances in choral music not only in Ghana but on the global stage. The group was recently crowned Champion of the World Choir Games 2018 in South Africa.

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