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I Told You NDC Is Better Than NPP – Dumelo Mocks Yvonne Nelson

Dec 7, 2018 |
I Told You NDC Is Better Than NPP – Dumelo Mocks Yvonne Nelson

Apparently, the hardship in the country is not only being rained down on us ‘common floor members’, but even some celebrities are also drowning in the same economic anxiety everyone else is suffering.

Yvonne Nelson, on Twitter, admitted that times are now hard in Ghana.

Yvonne has, fairly or unfairly, been saddled with a sort of ‘NPP’ tag after she led the impressive ‘Dumsor must stop’ demonstration during the reign of the previous NDC government.

She has insisted she was only doing her civic duty but as we know in Ghana when you criticize something you are immediately tagged as being a ‘hater’ of it.

Thus her complaints of ‘hardships’ have brought people to come out and say she’s only getting what she fought for since dumsor certainly played a huge role in the eventual loss of the NDC.

One of those on Yvonne’s neck is her ‘bestie’ John Dumelo. After she tweeted that ‘times are hard’ he came to reply to her with a simple message – “…I told you so”.

John’s comment is a clear dig at Yvonne that her protest against his favourite NDC was wrong because the NPP are now in power and she is seeing how hardship has engulfed the nation.

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