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General News | Nov 28, 2018

Comedian Bashed Over joke About Sarkodie’s Daughter

Comedian Bashed Over joke About Sarkodie’s Daughter

Ghanaian comedian, Waris, has been attacked on social media over a joke he made about Titi, Sarkodie’s daughter.

In one of his usual twitter jokes, he shared a photo of Sarkodie and his daughter and suggested that Titi will soon be ripe for sex.

“Sarkodie’s daughter is becoming RIPE. Very soon, we people ill tear and eat,” he wrote.

His statement has attracted a lot of backlash from people who believe what he wrote was not right.

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A few hours later, he apologised via his twitter handle.

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Comedian Waris

“To anyone offended by my tweet concerning sarkodie’s daughter kindly tamper [sic] justice with mercy.

Especially to @sarkodie @TracySarkcess @thenanaaba @Santokh72 @bridgetot

I’m apologetically sorry, it won’t happen again.

To ere [sic] is human, to forgive is divine,” he wrote.

Sarkodie recently shared a photo of him and his daughter, Titi. Some people who commented on the photo expressed joy at how beautifully she has grown.

Sarkodie has always shown his fondness of his daughter especially in some of his songs.

He got married to his girlfriend Tracy on 21st July, 2018.

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