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November 9, 2018 | General News

EL Praises New Artistes

Joy Prime | Kyoko Jean Kawagi

Elorm Adablah, better known as E.L has said that, he has been supporting up and coming artistes from a distance.

According to the rapper, even though he has been away from the scene because of his BAR tour, he recognises the new artistes and has been listening to them from afar.

“I have seen the new acts doing awesome work and I have been listening to them. I’ ve been appreciating their music from a distance…. I’m just about to hop in…,” he told KMJ on Showbiz Now on Joy Prime.

“I support them can tell by the project that I did recently, the BAR - BVR, [it is] full of upcoming artistes you know, so I’m the guy who has no problem supporting up and coming artistes,” he said.

According to E.L, “The big idea is to just make sure Ghana can get as far as possible as we can get [to] in terms of developing our music industry and these are the things we need…”

He added: “We need fresh blood, we need fresh talents, we need fresh energy, we need people who are gonna be there to invest into these and these are things that I am happy about.”

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