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October 26, 2018 | Celebrity

Van Vicker Nominated For NELAS Awards

Mustapha Attractive / Modern Ghana
Van Vicker Nominated For NELAS Awards

African celebrated actor Van Vicker has been nominated as best actor for the NELAS Awards ( Nollywood, Entertainment and leadership Awards for his role in the movie ‘Black Monkey’.

The nominations which was released in late October also saw personalities like Ifeanyi Kalu , Ben Darkwa , Umar Krupp and a few others competing with Van Vicker .

Social Media users and spectators who have congratulated the actor in advance are of the view that the actor’s nomination is well deserved as he executed his role in the 'Black Monkey' movie very well.

Van Vicker is one of the few African actors who receives more nominations yearly in both local and international awards across the world .

Apart from Van Vicker who got nominations through the movie titled 'Black Magic‘, the director of the movie , Frank Gharbin and the movie itself also got nominations for best movie.

The actor who is hoping to win his category congratulated all the crew and actors on his social media pages for playing their roles smartly and making the nomination possible.

The NELAS promotes, recognises and rewards individuals and groups who are working hard in the movie industry in the United Kingdom.

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