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Sep 11, 2018 | Comedy News

Episode Two Of Glo Laffta Fest Show Serenaded Accra

By Modern Ghana
Episode Two Of Glo Laffta Fest Show Serenaded Accra

Mobile telecommunications operator, Glo Mobile, serenaded thousands of its subscribers and friends of the brand on Sunday as it held the second comedy show, Laffta fest in Accra.

Held at the Fantasy Dome, Trade Fair, Accra, the event was a perfect opportunity for the audience who trooped out to enjoy a night of excellent laughter and entertainment from a rich cast of comedians.

Comedians who performed at the show included Khemikal, Salvador, Senator, Foster Romanus, Dan D Humorous, DKB, Basketmouth and Gordons and they delivered to an indulgent audience, far more laughter and amusement than anybody had expected.

The night began with performances from upcoming comedians, who showed some very good skills under the klieg lights. These rising acts included MJ, Comedian Waris and Comic Emma. The audience appreciated their individual skills.

First to perform among the major acts was Khemikal. Though diminutive in frame, he captivated the audience with some good sets of jokes from his rich repertoire and succeeded to get the audience reeling and yearning for more. Khemikal earned the confidence and plaudits of all with his flawless delivery and original jokes too. Many felt the future of comedy in Ghana belonged to him.

Ugandan Salvador cracked more ribs with his jokes, some of which the audience won't forget in a hurry. Many at the event won't forget his joke on event posters listing performing artistes and ending the list with "others". He made those in the "others" list the butt of some good jokes.

Senator and Dan D Humorous gave a good account of themselves and justified why Glo included them on the historic show in Ghana. Both comedians, who were participating in the Glo Laffta fest for the first time in Ghana, were simply delightful. The audience did not fail to appreciate them for their exemplary performance.

DKB, Ghana's biggest stand-up comedian, also performed at the big show, although he will soon have to contend with the likes of Khemikal for Ghanaians attention as the biggest comedian in the land.

Basketmouth was a mix of himself – hilarious – as well as a 'preacher'. He preached carefulness in matters of relationship with the opposite sex. But that was the best the preacher in him could do. He went ahead to stoke the fire of laughter. His every minute was appreciated by the crowd as he continually cracked them up.

The Bishop of Osusu Ministry, Gordons, was the last on the bill and did his very best to get the audience to have value for sparing time to be at the very entertaining event.

With the second outing of the Glo Laffta fest just out of the way, all is now set for the fourth event, the Glo Mega Music and the last event which are expected to hold on Saturday, September 22 and Saturday, October 20 respectively.

A statement from Glo enjoined the good people of Accra not to miss the last two events as they would be biggest music shows ever witnessed in the country.

Already, artistes have been lined up for the Saturday, September 22 event. They include Stonebwoy, Wizkid, Yemi Alade, Tekno, among others.

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