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July 27, 2018 | Music Review

Cina Soul Drops “Unstoppable” feat. Naa Shawele & SKY Girls

David Mawul
Cina Soul Drops “Unstoppable” feat. Naa Shawele & SKY Girls

Ghanaian soul songstress Cina Soul is out with a collaborative project, titled “Unstoppable”.

Produced by ace music producer Jayso, this song features acclaimed ‘rap princess’ Naa Shawele and the SKY Girls who are collaborating for the second time after they starred in the blockbuster movie “Sugar Spice N’ Sauce”. SKY is a movement by teen girls, for teen girls.

It seeks to inspire teen girls to stay true to themselves and what they believe in. To be who they are, not whom someone else thinks they should be.

To support each other in being themselves, staying true to what they care about and saying no to things that they don’t want in their lives- like backstabbing and smoking tobacco

SKY Girls has a serious purpose – empowering girls and building a resilient generation of young women. But it is fun in flavour – built around things they love to do and talk about.

The SKY song “Unstoppable” was created to be the official SKY anthem, a danceable, exciting tune that pushes even the most reserved SKY Girl to get up and dance.

The song carries the spirit of SKY. It’s one of a kind that communicates confidence and staying true to yourself. It’s almost like a ‘bragging’ track for teens- talking about being future focused and winning in life.

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