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July 7, 2018 | Opinion/Feature

People Of Takoradi Cry “Blood” Tears For Theatre

Louis Awortwe
People Of Takoradi Cry “Blood” Tears For Theatre

Ghana’s most natural resources are found in the Western of the country, and is generating a lot of income and employment opportunities but undoubtfully the region is not equally benefitting from it as compared to other regions

Though, some weeks ago, President Akuffo-Addo went to the western region and did a lot there, he cut a sod for the construction of 24.5 km road and also launched the Ghana Agriculture Census and inspected the onging construction works on the Sea Defense Wall at Dixcove as well

They were indeed greatful and apprecited that
Most Ghanaian talents were and are found in the western reg. which proves the saying

“The Best Comes From The West” but there is no public theatre in the region apart from that of the universities and hotels

Muscians, producers, companies, actors/actoress, mediamen/women, schools, dancers, events organisers and NGO are pleading, and request for theatre.The region deserves that indeed.

Realizing Ghana’s Economic Transformation Through an Improved Road Network

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