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16 April 2018 | Movie News

Stop Backbiting In The Movie Industry - Actress Cries

Edem Mensah-Tsotorme
Stop Backbiting In The Movie Industry - Actress Cries

Budding actress, Jessica Williams has urged her colleagues to desist from backbiting and support each other to improve the fortunes of the Ghana movie industry.

Speaking to The Spectator, the actress said, there must be show of love and the need for healthy competition to bring the best in the industry.

"If there is a job and you cannot take up the role, you should be able to recommend someone for it," she stressed.

Jessica called for investors to help restructure and improve the fortunes and create employment in the industry.

Additionally, she urged producers to go after good stories to whip up the interest of the public to buy movies.

Jessica said "new faces must be encouraged, alongside the known faces."

The versatile actress promised her fans numerous projects coming from her camp and expressed her appreciation to those who have supported her career.

quot-img-1The danger with mediocrity is that the ruth is realised only when it is too late to correct one's stance.

By: Adwoa Ayamba quot-img-1