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09.02.2018 Gospel News

Most Ghanaian Gospel Musicians Are Not Working With God's Spirit - Top Music Group Reveals

By Daily Guide
Willie and Mike
LISTEN FEB 9, 2018

Ghanaian gospel duo, Willie and Mike, has described majority of the country’s gospel musicians as “fake”.

The duo explained “fake” by saying that they are the categories of musicians who are not Christians.

To them, being a true gospel musician is not limited to just doing music that centres on Jesus Christ but also the person doing the music must be a Christian.

This, they alleged “majority of Ghanaian gospel artistes are not Christians.”

“If you do gospel music and you do otherwise it is not gospel music. You have to sing and leave it … Gospel is about Jesus Christ. That is why in the Bible we have Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, we call it the Gospel of Christ. So anything that centres around Christ is what makes it gospel."

"But before that there's also the lifestyle of the person who is doing the music. That's why we said there are so many gospel musicians in Ghana that are not Christians. There are a lot of them who are very popular but we won't mention names. The Bible said by their fruits we shall know them."

"So if you want to know a true gospel musician check the person's life. Exactly you sing and walk in it,” the duo said on Zylofon FM".

The duo's claim follows recent similar allegations by veteran musician Akosua Agyapong, who said she knows some gospel musicians who take alcohol before going on stage.

“Some times when even they are performing they are intoxicated. They sometimes get drunk before the climb stage. It's disturbing,” she said on Hitz FM in January 2018.

“I'm begging them to stop. It is 2018 … God loves music. Sometimes people go to church not because they are going to listen to the word of God but because of the lyrical content of the song a gospel musician comes to sing."

"There are people who sleep in church when the pastor is preaching but when the music starts they will get up and dance. So I am pleading with the singers, actors and actresses, fashion designers, etc, they should make this year a different one because some of the children see you as their role models,” she added.