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FEATURED STORY A Pastor Or A Parasite?...

19 June 2017 | Opinion/Feature

Online Surgeon Writes: Who is in charge of keeping Asamoah Gyan's Mouth shut?
Online Surgeon Writes: Who is in charge of keeping Asamoah Gyan's Mouth shut?

It’s almost four years now since one of the most dedicated hip life artistes of our time Castro got drowned .

Theophilus Tagoe aka Castro and his female friend Janet Bandu have not been found since they went on jet skiing on the estuary of the Volta Lake.

Black Stars Skipper Asamoah Gyan was in the company of his friends for holidays at the Ada Resort when the incident occurred and despite several rescue efforts the two have not been found either dead or alive

Many of his fans and some Ghanaians have correlated the disappearance of Castro and Janet Bando with spirituality and even accused Asamoah Gyan of sacrificing them to fortify a contract he got in China.

According to them, Asamoah Gyan uses black power (Juju) to play football so anytime he returns from a tournament he is suppose to sacrifice a humane to apiece his gods .

Celebrity Lawyer, Maurice Ampaw ,is one of the numerous Ghanaians who called for the arrest of the all-time Black Stars goal scorer in connection with Castro’s disappearance.

As someone who has been heavily criticized for using ‘Juju’ in playing football,wouldn’t it be prudent for Asamoah Gyan to ignore any question pertaining to whether footballers uses ‘Juju’ or not?

Apart from the disappearance of Castro,the death of his Mother was also linked to the fact that he used her for sacrifice

Much to my chagrin,Asamoah Gyan speaking on Delay’s show on Ghone TV with Deloris Frimpong ,attributed candidly that he consults Mallams and Pastors who fortifies him before a match and thus football matches are not played without spiritual backing.

He quoted,"You can't just rise up and say you're going to play football because it is a spiritual exercise.You will need spiritual fortitude before you get into play and it's not just for football but every other work"

The question the Online Surgeon is asking is,who is in charge of teaching our legendary footballer how to speak in public? What is the work of Samuel Anim Addo?

In our part of the world,’Mallams’ are heftily tagged as fetish priest who only do bad things.

Apparently,i don’t want to say Asamoah Gyan is cementing the notion that he truly sacrificed Castro and his mother for fame but his own revelation is making me agree with those allegations.

Oh yes, because according to what he said in the interview,Mallams are like pastors so there is nothing amiss in consulting them.But the question is, why will a christian go to a Mallam?Why should Asamoah Gyan serve two masters?

I don’t think Gyan and his management team will blame those who would come after him for making such a horrendous revelation on National TV.

But candidly, our Captain needs mature people around him who would remind him of whom he is in order to deliberate maturely on issues.

I have listened to our captain speak loosely on countless occasion with another disdainful one being his recent interview on Hot 93.9fm where he labeled some of his critics as illiterates.No! This is not acceptable.

Samuel Anim Addo,what is really your job? If you don’t know what a manager does, then am assigning you as the moderator of Asamoah Gyan's comments.

With much respect, I don’t want to say Gyan is reprobative, but teach him how to be on top of his issues during interviews because the contradictions are becoming unbearable.

In conclusion,my humble request is,Asamoah Gyan, I have been in the showbiz industry for over 15yrs now and still struggling though I also go to church.

In view of this,I will appeal to you to direct me to those pastors and Mallams whom you consult so that I can also become venerable like you.