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6 June 2017 | General News

Huge Age Gap Between Deborah Vanessa & Medikal Is No Big Deal - Wanlov The Kubolor

Gideon Sarpong
Huge Age Gap Between Deborah Vanessa & Medikal Is No Big Deal - Wanlov The Kubolor

Emmanuel Owusu-Bonsu, popularly referred to Wanlov the Kubolor has backed musician Medikal as the right man for his sister, Deborah Vanessa, arguing that the duo are very much in love with each other.

Deborah Vanessa who also happens to be a musician/model confirmed in July 2016 that she was indeed dating Medikal despite the ten (10) years age gap between them.

“Medikal and I have been dating for two weeks, and it is really a serious one. The truth is, if he should pop the ‘will you marry me question’, I will not hesitate to say yes,” she revealed.

Speaking on the award-winning Celebrity Fanzone last Saturday on GH One, Wanlov the Kubolor expressed his excitement over his sister’s relationship with Medikal, joking that he is also in love with Medikal.

“Deborah is very young at heart at the same time focused and driven the same with Medikal, focused and very talented, they are in love with each other. I myself am in love with medical, so if any problem comes and Deborah doesn’t want Medikal, and Medikal doesn’t want Deborah, I am going for Medikal,” Kubolor disclosed.

It is however unclear whether Medikal will be willing to settle with the ‘Uncle Obama’ hit maker especially in a Ghanaian culture that does not entirely support a woman being much older than the man in a union.

But Kubolor had a differing opinion, maintaining that we shouldn’t allow numbers to control us.

“I have seen them a lot together and you can’t tell that they have years between them. We let these numbers control us.”

Kubolor also revealed that he will be releasing his next album in August ahead of his music tour in Germany.

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