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06.02.2016 General News

I Don’t Have Anyone To Love – MzVee

I Don’t Have Anyone To Love – MzVeeMzvee
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Singer, Vera Hamenoo-Kpeda, popularly known as MzVee has stated that she does not have anybody to love, a reason for which she is still single.

According to MzVee who spoke on Hitz FM’s Feminine Friday, she is devoted to her music career and would not want to be in a relationship anytime soon.

“No I’m not looking for love. I’m concentrating on my music. I love my music,” she said.

On the kind of guy she would love to date as well as the part of his body which will move her, MzVee said, “I don’t think I’m attracted to someone because he has a nice body. I’m mostly attracted to someone’s personality.”

Asked which personality she is attracted to, MzVee answered, “Decent boring guy because I’m very loud, I make a lot of noise. I don’t think I will be able to compete with someone who is also really loud and so maybe, he should be on the quieter side of things.”

“I dated in high school; I don’t even remember that relationship. I was eighteen. I didn’t even know what love was. I don’t even think I know what love is right now because I don’t have someone to love,” she told host, MzGee.

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