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13.12.2013 Industry News

Mel Stephenie Is ‘FACE OF BAD GIRL’ Drink In Ghana

By Mustapha A Inusah/Ghanastate.Com
Mel Stephenie Is ‘FACE OF BAD GIRL’ Drink In Ghana
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Last week, the media witnessed a very successful launch of a new drink called 'Bad Girl' - a spirit cooler that drives your passion. Though there are still lots of contentions in the media regarding the name of the drink, the owners of the drink, Wineyard Trading Company Limited, insist that the name is the best description for the drink.

The latest information reaching us concerning 'Bad Girl' is that, Wineyard Trading Company Limited has signed one of West – Africa's Top models, Mel Stephenie, as the face of the drink. In order words, she is the brand ambassador of 'Bad Girl' drink in Ghana.

In a chat with Mel Stephenie, she stated that, she's happy to be associated with the 'Bad Girl' drink, which is labelled by producers and marketers as an energy enhancer and has unique features that would appeal to all consumers.

She added that, though people seem to be debating on the name of the drink, she thinks that 'Bad Girl' is the best and memorable name and thus, it best suits the name of the drink.

“Like the C.E.O Mrs. Sheila Appianimaah Osei-K said, girls who are branded bad and known to be bad in the Ghanaian society are not bad, but rather very intelligent” Mel Stephen opined.

Mel Stephen, who is 5f 9inch tall, dark in complexion and born in Cameroon, has lived in different African countries. She and Wineyard Trading Company Limited have lots of plans in the pipe-line to promote the Drink.

In a separate chat with the CEO of Wineyard Trading Company Limited, Mrs. Sheila Appianimaah Osei-K, told us that, Wineyard has been in existence for over 7 years now and that their main aim is to always make sure the Ghanaian community is always served with the best of quality products.

She added that, due to the fact that they always want to serve the Ghanaian community with the best of products, they decided to go for the 'Bad Girl' drink which is one of the fast selling drinks in South Africa.

Talking about the difficulties they went through before fruitfully bringing the product to Ghana, she said “we have been struggling for about 5 years now to bring the product to Ghana but the main outlet in South Africa fear that Ghanaians might not purchase it because of its pricing so we had to take about 5 years to research and to test the market with some samples.

When we realized the response was motivating, we decided to bring it to Ghana.” Apart from the 'Bad Girl' drink, Wineyard Trading Company Limited has different types of drinks like as wild fruit juice drinks from South Africa and now they are the sole distributors of 'Bad Girl' drink in Ghana.

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