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09.03.2012 General News

Ded Buddy Returns As Qweci

By Daily Guide
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After years of going into 'hibernation', one of Ghana's RnB acts, Ded Buddy is back on the Ghanaian music scene with a new album and identity.

The ' Yebesa ' hit maker is now Qweci.
Ded Buddy is also returning with a new single titled ' Mipe Wo Saa' , which is currently enjoying air play on some local radio stations.

A number of radio listeners and fans have described Qweci's single as a masterpiece.

Qweci left Ghana in the late 90s shortly after the release of his hit songs 'Abofra Wisua' and ' Yebesa' , which got the whole country singing and dancing.

A decade later he is back with a new sense of passion for his music.

Qweci's comeback album is expected to hit the markets in two months and it is bound to set a tone for Ghanaian music across the world.

A large number of music lovers call him the man with the silky voice; others also call him 'Ghana's R&B man'.

Eric Turkson aka Qweci, whose presence was established in the hiplife industry years ago, is due to release his much anticipated second album entitled ' Abofra Wisua' , a follow-up of his first album.

Ded Buddy, who is also known as the ladies man, realized his calling into the music industry at the age of 6. He used to sing in churches and he fully realized his talent in music during his secondary school days in Ghana. Friends used to call him 'buddy music' because his voice was beyond description.

In 1990, together with Eddie Blay, Tiny Quaye and Jake, Ded Buddy formed a group called NFL. Exposure gained in NFL led him to perform for Stevie Wonder during Panafest 1994.

He also performed at many other events. Being classified as the best Akan R&B singer, Ded Buddy, in the 1990's translated Boyz II Men's ' I'll make love to You' into Akan and this caught the attention of many fans.

His music prowess led to an invitation by former President Rawlings to

perform at the first ever peace concert organized in Accra. He was also invited to sing at the Miss Ghana event.

Encouraged by friends and family, Ded Buddy released his first hit album 5 years ago. His name became a household name and fans related easily to his music. When asked what pushed him to make good music, 'my love for music encourages me to always make good music' was his response.

On who inspires him the most in the music business, Ded Buddy replied that God had been his inspiration. 'My spirituality has gotten me this far so I give all the thanks to God. Without Him, I am nothing,' he said.

When asked whether he enjoyed studio work more than live performance, Ded Buddy, with a big smile on his face, emphasized that he enjoyed live performances more than anything. 'I love live performance because it gives me the chance to electrify and connect with fans'.

On his advice to hiplife artistes, he replied that since musicians were role models, they should not smoke and drink.

Ded Buddy intends to establish an independent record label called Buddy Tunz.

This state of the art production company will greatly assist many other artistes to release their music.

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