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16.09.2011 General News

I Am Not A Controversial Person-Sidney

By Daily Guide
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Barima Sidney Ofori, a seasoned Hiplife musician whose music has made a lot of impact on the music industry in Ghana and beyond, has declared that he is not a controversial person.

According to him, it was rather the topics he addressed in his songs which were very controversial, adding, 'They are topics nobody wants to talk about'.

Sidney, who sees himself as a social commentator and also a musical politician, disclosed that he got his songs from society.

He is by far Ghana's most controversial rap artiste after his ' Abuskeleke', 'Scent No' and ' Obia Nye Obia' tracks in successive albums.

Sidney doubled up the controversy in his 2005 album, which struck a timeless debate about equality in society, while ' Wo Kunu Kotebea' encouraged citizens to support their leaders and partners to support each other, but the chorus had a profane twist.

In a chat with TV3 Web, Sidney, who is still in school and will be graduating in December 2011, said Hip-pop was in vogue until 1996, when Hiplife took over, adding it was blended with Highlife in the beginning but changed at a point.

He noted that Hiplife was a combination of Hip-pop and Highlife.

Sidney Ofori took the opportunity to congratulate Obour, MUSIGA president, and asked the people of Ghana to pray for him.

Sidney has also been involved in various educational campaigns. ' Give Them the Pen, Not the Gun' is a single song dedicated to all child soldiers in the world, especially in Africa. It features Dr. Kaunda, his lyrical mate and King Ayisoba (a traditional singer).

Some of his songs are ' Africa Money', 'Aboa Bi', 'Kyere Me', 'I See You Cher', 'Monhye Nkom', 'Africa Money', 'Ma Sweetie', 'Paanoo Shew', 'Colour TV' and 'Ehye Mu'.

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