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His first work was a novelit of 125 pages, a fantasy work for children between the ages of 7-13 and he titled the work "League of Ants", 4 years after active writing and a specialty in short prose and novels, he delved into poetry, something he attributes to a calling. "writing to me is more of a spiritual process than a profession, so when I delved into poetry I knew it was a calling.

He was the brain behind one of the most staged plays in the history of arts in Nigeria. what took him from novels to poetry? he calls it 'soul searching". His works have been greatly influence by the likes of Alexander Pop. he is currently in Ghana on the ticket of New Max Company and is here to establish new contacts and introduce himself too the Ghanaian populace.

He is known the world over not only through his writings but also through his production background and his ground breaking creative prowess. In his words "I am an enterprenuer, a writer and a concept developer and the part I always to mention I also read law". In Ghana he plans to stage one of his works and establish more connections through Newmax company. Speaking to C.E.O of NewMax, he expressed his excitement about Mr Unwama's visit.

"It has been a long time coming, Unwana is very hard to get and so we as a company are proud of our ability to scoop him from his ever tight schedule into Ghana to exhibit his works. He will be in Ghana for a while and we have lots of surprises coming up, just put your ears on the ground". He has also managed to carve a niche for himself in the creating of world class game shows , something he calls a specialty in his creative department.

He powered "the Engine room" which is being screened on national Tv in Nigeria. As I sit face to face with him, the words that oozes out of his mouth run at me with unfathomable wisdom and my profoundness is evident in my inability to concentrate on the notes I am making as I am lost in thought in a bid to put the pieces together.

"I write about basic realism and esoteric poems".
NewMax also revealed that they had more of such indigenous African personalities trooping into the country on their ticket. "In NewMax we have an ideal, an ideal for empowerment and a passion for the right exposure to the right people and that is why as part of our social responsiblity we take it upon ourselves to bring such personalities into the country. all I can say is that the surprises ahead are bigger than that which we have already done" Prince Attipoe, C.E.O of NewMax concluded.

As I walk out of the interview he hands me an autographed copy of his book and as I ski through the first 3 pages, I now understand the depths of his wisdom. Ghana is blessed by the presence of this man, and for me as a writer it is a huge accomplishment.


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