||JUST FOR LAUGHS|| Borga Borga - English Rendition

Lyrics ||JUST FOR LAUGHS|| Borga Borga - English Rendition

LMAO when Konvict Music visited Ghana, they got themselves bumping to Sarkodie's hit track 'BORGA BORGA'. As entangled as they were in the webs of this banging joint, they sort for the English version of the song. Sarkodie at a secret location performed this track for them. Below is the lyric for the English rendition. Hehehe ENJOY...

It's one time for your mind y'all...
Hahaaa Bede...To my ni55as on my block y'all
Check it, Borga Borga and it did what?
Hahaaa...You came what year?
Oh, to my honeys on the block y'all
Oh, Foriwaa, Bede, Jayso Hahaa check it
Your mind is that it is on the floor,
Stop, man is suffering
Someone is sitting in Canada
What he will eat kraa he is asking
Borgas plenty that won't speak the truth
Like you will see that amanorni is smelling, I beg
You are sitting in Ghana sewing something to collect your money

What you'll eat; if you don't get kraa you have somewhere to sleep

You have gathered money's mouth to go and collect visa

You want to fly road to America to go and suffer kwa

Efu's gun does not dance to show people, light it and see

Black people di3 this fooling yiaa that you like
You do work and collect your money p3p33p3
Think about it, look at the nkwasiade that you are doing

What is America it is you who respects New York
Plenty work is at Akwatia so don't f#@!
Corn's back can make osofo drink jot
He wants to cut-cut his thinking short
Someone baths old ladies and washes dross
This is problems nkwaa, it is whose fault?
Like you are sitting in Ghana anka you have finished school and Tigo has taken you as manager

Now  you are sitting on someone's land sweeping roads body

You have to cry yourself because you don't have anywhere to sleep

What is nicer than I have gone to eat holidays?
And I have come home not hearing everyone's case
Borga, borga and it did what?
Massa na what year did you come?
Borga borga and it did what
Massa na what year did you come?
Me, I haven't come too long, now that I have reach so someone should carry me oo na my neck is breaking

Ei, trying to make it with this pay
I'm going make it through some day
Working extra hours, in this world, money is power

We are sitting at Mataheko, we say New Jersey
We say beef burger, God have mercy
When I can chew atsomo 30
Today they say something has come top aa supergetti

Talia go-go that they have used stew to pass its body

They carry to come on tv and talk-talk nonsense
One time for your mind, me di3 I like oil rice
It will sleep in my stomach to dash, like seven gods

Great man i have dash, if you fall then you are under a rat breaking palm-nut

When they put on you were not my size
Tortorfeefee little children look at today
I have remembered my first time in Germany
I was going to learn psychology
My stomach inside hunger, na i was loving something to eat

Let's go and tear food for me aa ugly-ugly bi
Trouble has come, under the sun is not eye collecting

The food has become second-hand so you get some to talk

Your body is doing me laughter, very funny
Ask sonni Bali, what Yoggi Doggi did to Samini
Tuga says inside your pocket that you eat king
You think you have dream good dream go and stay in your house and think

Remember that your pioto will pass
Get contribution under for your music na it will cook.