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SriBuO Online Weekly Album Review - Kwabena Kwabena - Bibini

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Kwabena Kwabena - Bibini - BIGKwabena Kwabena - Bibini - BIG
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Bibini is the second album from Ghana's soulful singer, Kwabena Kwabena. This week SriBuO is going to walk you through "Bibini" which literally means "Black beauty".

Bibini is the first track on the album and features Tinny who raps in Ga. Kwabena tells of the story of how he won the heart of this Black Beauty; there has been no one before and there will be no one after her. This track has a lovely tempo which you can sway to. Dadea Anoma, the next song on the album is a nostalgic tune that tells the story of lovers that have been separated by space and time. If you are in a long distance relationship, or missing a loved one, this song was meant for you. A nice twist to the song is how the beat transitions from a slow rhythm to a faster paced tune with Kwabena Kwabena's signature drum beats at the very end.

My Baby follows after Dadea Anoma. This song is also another very danceable tune where Kwabena sings about the woman who he wants to be his lady. The chorus for this song is reminiscent of another Ghanaian song, "Odo Nwum" (Love song) that has the same "Owaaye, waaye waaye" singing as part of its chorus. After telling us about his baby, Kwabena Kwabena now focuses on those who would see them put asunder. Jealousy, as the song name suggests talks about the jealousy of onlookers: "See me poor man, I get fine fine lady. Jealousy go she, jealousy go she". This tune for lovers features a section where the drums and strings will simply take you to another level of auditory pleasure.

Abotare (Patience) comes next on the album; the album also includes an instrumental version. This song is without a doubt, the best song on Bibini. Kwabena Kwabena simply makes your heart melt as he tells his lover to be patient with him and wait on God as they journey through life and work to bring their dreams to fruition. They have faced the chagrin of friends and family in order to be together and " ... this story will one day be told". The wind instruments on the track combined with Kwabena's silky smooth voice make this track a must listen for all Ghanaian music lovers. Below is the track for your listening pleasure:

Obi ne yem (Somebody's belly) follows next. In contrast to Abotare's slow crooning sound, this is a fast paced, upbeat sound. This is another love story but a very different one, the story of "You don't know what you've got till its gone". Kwabena's chorus for this song is quite catchy. It is very easy for you to picture that "Obi" jumping and clutching his belly as he shouts "Obi ni y3m, wheim!!".

Meretwen wo (I'm waiting for you) is the final track on the album. This song features sounds from the Ghanaian Atentenben flute. It has a similar theme to Dadea Anoma and Abotare in that, it talks about the patient wait of lovers that have been separated by distance and time. The rap doctor, Okyeame Kwame is featured on this track. He does the track justice with an interesting rap style that picks up speed as he gets further along into the rap ... till he hits its peak ... without stopping for breath!!

In summary, Kwabena Kwabena's Bibini album is simply sublime. His lyrical and instrumental genius shines through almost every track. Bibini is an album of love, and you will fall in love with it after your first listen.

- Credits George Armah

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