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FEATURED STORY Church Services Are Simply Canaanite Entertainment!!...


Dossier: The Devil And The Orphanage

A girl crying out of pain

“CARE”less Health (3): SHS Graduate in Charge of Health, Serves as ‘Doctor;’ Administers Injections and Prescribes Drugs for Sick Children.

February 4, 2015

His office is the home s dispensary where he is found seated on a daily basis doing what his office mandates him to d ...

February 3, 2015

If we love Him who sent them to us here Let s treat them with spiritual fear For they bring us blessings as well curs ...

February 2, 2015

Mother and Founder of Home Selling Donations, Orphans Physically Abused at Home and in School, Poor Feeding and Force ...

quot-img-1Mans experiences are his life's story

By: John Bart Addo quot-img-1