Software World Announces Generic Chit Fund Accounting Software Best in India For 2020


Listed : Internet Software
Date Listed : Monday, April 6, 2020
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Location : Chennai
Region : Tamil Nadu
Country : India


Generic chit fund accounting software is the best accounting software in India for 2020. In this chit fund accounting software reduce chit fund operations burden. Generic chit fund accounting software automatically integrated. Our software have Day book,Cashbook,Bankbook,Ledger,Balance Sheet,Trial Balance,Profit & Loss A/C, Voucher in this all modules are analysis for your chit fund related reports ,growth your chit fund business.
1. Software Alert Information
2. Payment Gateway Integration
3. Multi Branch Support
4. Taxation of chit fund
5. Android Mobile App
6. Chit Accounts Management
7. Chit ERP Software
8. Employee Management
9. Cloud Server Management
10. Suspense Accounts.

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