Africans Don't Understand The Job Of A Business Lobbiest

Business Africans Don't Understand The Job Of A Business Lobbiest
MAY 20, 2018 LISTEN

My name is Nana Kodwo Bartels-Riverson and I am a Business Lobbiest in Ghana for international companies and Foreign Investors who would like to establish companies here in Ghana and Africa. A company Hires me to conduct feasibility studies or liase with governmental officials for contracts and provide services. It is my civil responsibilty to explain the job of a lobbiest to my fellow Africans . A lobbiest is a form of advocacy with the intention of influencing decisions made by the government or corporate bodies by individuals or more usually by lobby groups; it includes all attempts to influence legislators and officials, whether by other legislators, constituents, or organized groups. In the case of business , a lobbiest helps foreign companies establish their businesses in a safe and secured environment. This includes looking for the right real eastate properties for them, establish strong local contacts in their section of interest , for example to purchase gold, deal in diamonds or any other types of raw materials or comodities trade. I am paid to look for their best interest and also keep a very confidential and discrete shared informations with all my undertakings. Sometimes vital information could lead to global stock exchange volatility so keeping a business information very private is key to the success of these investments dealings.

Africa has always been a fertile ground for international businesses to make trade , commerse or purchase raw materials for their manufacturing companies. I seek to position myself in helping them process all the necessary documentations and also find them local lawyers to represent them if there is a need for it and many more.

Supporting Investment growth in Africa is a sure way for Africans to benefit in a win win situation. There are certain creiteria to look for when dealing for foreign companies. You want to make sure that the company is socially responsible and that means they are able to give a portion of their profit to help communities and support governmental projects.

You also want to make sure that the company are environmentally responsible to their cause . This area can be very crucial for companies like the mining companies or oil companies , however, i can tell you that these companies contribute significantly to help with environmental issues. It is your responsibility as a lobbiest to communicate such information to your local governments and citizens about it. Unfortunately majority of Business lobbiest are more interested in getting paid and do not care about their communities and Country. this is what gives major companies bad repport in various countries in Africa. It is about time responsible Business Lobbiest stand out to help companies who are willing to do the right thing for the African continent. This would help us fix some of the major problems we face in Africa.

Below are some of the services I offer to companies and Entreprenuers across the globe. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about my service. Due to unnecessary emails I receive in my inbox. You may contact me at the various contact informations below.

United States # + 1 443 808 1118
Ghana # +233 (0) 263 25 25 25
Email : topchoiceconsult01 (at)

  • Raw Materials Procurement Services in Africa
  • Import and Export of Goods and Services from Africa
  • Tender Process Advisory and Support
  • Sales and Trade Representation
  • Business Plan , Financial Analysis , Market Research ETC
  • International Business Expansion in Africa
  • Outsourced and Project Management Services
  • Financial Management and Investment Advisory Services;
  • Risk Management and Assurance Advisory Services;
  • Liaise,Lobby Business Executives and Government Officials for contracts
  • Foreign Investments Advice to Ghana and Africa
  • Market Solutions and Organisational Development Services;
  • Recruitment and Training Management Services;
  • Research and Knowledge Management Services;
  • Investment Advisory
  • Market Entry Assistance
  • Business and Management Consultancy
  • Market Research and Feasibility Studies
  • Business Registration, Licensing and Permits
  • Business Development, Facilitation and Matchmaking
  • Outsourcing – Business Support Services
  • Business and Trade Mission
  • Marketing Strategy Development

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