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What is Concrete Block?

What is Concrete Block?
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A concrete block is primarily used as a building material in the construction of walls. It is sometimes called a concrete masonry unit (CMU). A concrete block is one of several precast concrete products used in construction. The term precast refers to the fact that the blocks are formed and hardened before they are brought to the job site.


Concrete blocks can be Solid or Hollow with two or three cores or voids. Concert Blocks are lightweight Generally it is used in high rise building to reduce structural load. Concrete blocks are easy to handle compare to red clay bricks, they are larger in dimension and superior in quality and most importantly save in time and cost. Concrete blocks are light and common in various sizes a standard concert block is 600mm x 250mm x 150mm is equivalent to by about 8 red clay bricks, the weight of one single block is about 14kg where is 8 red clay bricks is 36kg that is more than double.

Concert blocks are easy to cut as the concert block surfaces are very smooth a wall putty can be directly applying on the surface of the inner wall of the house to give it the perfect finish before painting.

Concert blocks are have become popular and extensively used in construction nowadays.

  • Concert blocks are more Eco- Friendly compared to traditional bricks
  • Concrete blocks exhibit better quality than burnt clay bricks
  • Construction of masonry with blocks will be faster

Concert blocks are produced by concrete block making machines, high-quality concrete block making machine will produce high-quality concrete blocks. There are different type of machines that produce concrete blocks for more information about concrete block machines you can follow below link.

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