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Feb 3, 2018 | Education

BECE JHS Science Syllabus - Reproduction and growth in humans

3.1.1 explain the functions of the parts of the reproductive system.

- identify the parts of the reproductive system of male and female using charts

- draw and label the male and female
reproductive systems.
- discuss the functions of the parts of the reproductive systems of male and female.

NOTE: A dissected small mammal e.g. rabbit, showing the reproductive organs may be provided.

Draw and label the female reproductive system of humans. State the functions of the parts labelled.

3.1.2 describe the stages of development of the zygote until birth.

- using charts, discuss the stages of reproduction:

copulation/mating, fertilization, implantation, development of

zygote and foetus, birth.
NOTE: Discussion should include formation of twins: identical, fraternal (non-identical) and Siamese.

Outline the stages of reproduction in humans.
Explain how the foetus obtains food and oxygen
Read the story and answer the question based on it.

A woman gave birth to twins who are attached at the shoulders. The elders of the family considered the twins to be from evil spirits.

How would you explain the problems faced by the twins?

3.1.3 outline the various stages of growth and development in

Stages of growth and development in humans: Pre-natal and Post-natal.

NOTE: Parental care should be stressed for good physical and emotional development of children.

- discuss the stages of development in humans.
3.1.4 explain the effects of teenage pregnancy.
- use the Future’s Wheel to discuss the effects of teenage pregnancy:

-Ectopic pregnancy, damaged pelvic bone, under weight babies

- abortion, death, increase in population, drop out from school,

- invite a Community Health Nurse to talk on teenage pregnancy, its implications and prevention

NOTE: The best method to prevent teenage pregnancy is to abstain from sexual intercourse.

What are some of the dangers faced by a teenage pregnant girl?

Dangers of indiscriminate sex:
Unwanted pregnancies on the part of girls; possible drop-out of school; early fatherhood for boys; possibility of contracting sexually transmitted diseases including HIV/AIDS.

use the ‘Future’s Wheel’ to discuss the dangers of indiscriminate sex.

What are some of the dangers of indiscriminate sex?

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