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Jan 22, 2018 | Education

Ghana SHS Core Science Syllabus - Measurement

1.1.3 follow basic safety
precautions in the
1.2.1 use SI units in all
Basic units and Derived units.
The student will be able to:
1.2.2 use scientific measuring instruments accurately.

-Truthful and accurate recording of data.
-Concept of replication of results.
-Sources of errors in scientific experiments.
Use instruments such as ruler, balances, stop watches, thermometer, ammeter, measuring cylinder, calipers, pipettes, burette, hydrometer etc. to measure quantities in various units.

Teacher to assist students to acquire skills in using eyes, hands and judgment when taking measurement.

Discuss the importance of replication and checking of results by different scientists using the same procedure to ensure accuracy and consistency of results; to arrive at hypothesis; to make better predictions; to add to scientific knowledge.

NOTE: Teacher to remind students that values such as honesty, integrity and truthfulness can be developed through measuring and recording of data accurately.

1.2.3 measure density and
relative density.
Review topic on density from JHS Syllabus. Carry out experiments to determine the density of equal volumes of water and salt solution. Compare densities of water and salt solution.

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