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22 January 2018 | Education

Ghana SHS Core Science Syllabus - Introduction

The student should be able to:
1.1.1 explain that there are various branches of science which are interrelated and relevant to the world of life.

why the need for science specialist to
acquire all round knowledge in all science
areas namely Chemistry, Biology, Physics,
Geology, Astronomy, Agriculture, etc.
1.1.2 apply the scientific
method to arrive at
scientific solutions to
everyday problems.
The scientific method:
identification of the problem,
hypothesis formulation,
collection, analysis and
1. Explanation of scientific method should include identification of the problem, hypothesis, experimentation (observation, collection, recording and analysis of data) and conclusion.

2. The discovery of penicillin, radioactivity and the law of floatation may be used to illustrate the scientific method.

3. Explain to students that quest for knowledge and curiosity are necessary to arrive at the truth, facts and solutions to problems.

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