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Jan 1, 2018 | News

Azieti Foundation Donates to Bakpa AvornyoKope

It's a festive season and everyone is celebrating this period however more children and people are still deprived in one or the other way. It is in this light that the Azieti Foundation, a Ghanaian based NGO celebrates this year's festive season with the people of Bakpa AvornyoKope and Bakpa Agortakpo in the Volta Region respectively. They donated clothes and footwears to the two communities.

They entreat the folks not to be discouraged by their current status and with hardworking and determination there will be a brighter future. Bakpa AvornyoKope and neighbouring villages are deprived of basic needs like drinking water, toilets, library, computer labs, with a very low quality in education. Azieti foundation pledged to work towards getting a library and other basic necessities of life for the children, aged and youths hence appealing to the general public to help in that regard especially to finish a library project for the communities.

The foundation was represented by it's President Mr Alphonse K. Bedzina , Confidence Dominic Bedzina vice and Confucius Caradoc Bedzina secretary respectively

Azieti Foundation is a multipurpose Non Governmental Organisation founded in Ghana.

The Foundation is aimed at helping the minority (deprived) in our community precisely in Ghana. The foundation focused in areas such as Agriculture, Education, Health, Water Supply, Empowerment (Women, Youth and Children), Community Development, the provision of basic needs to humanity and society, propagating the Word of God. This is aimed at reducing poverty, hunger and giving the minority the privilege to enjoy economic freedom as well as introducing them to their creator.

It is our desire that this Organization shall be helpful as it can in its capacity to ensure a successful living condition among Women, Children and Youth as well as individuals and the communities as a whole.

‘We believe that extremity is abound in human kind, and we aim on ensuring that most of the youth utilizes their extreme abilities on influencing positive changes in the human kind and society’.

Our mission is collectively to Cloth the unclothed, Feed the unfed, Educate the disadvantage, Empowerment and community development.

The Foundation looks forward to putting smile in the faces of the minority (deprived) in society thereby liberating our deprive communities from hunger, poverty.

You may contact Azieti Foundation on 0244817073/0540942632

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