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22.07.2005 General News

Keep Politicians out of public boards


Mr Justice Awuku-Sao, executive secretary of the Institute of Directors Ghana, has called for an end to the appointment of politicians to serve on the boards of corporate organizations.

“Politicians practice political governance instead of corporate governance which is not the best practice,” he explained.

Justice Awuku-Sao was addressing the second annual conference of public service chairpersons, chief executives and chief directors in Accra on Wednesday.

Speaking on the topic “The realities and Challenges of Public Service Corporate Governance,” he suggested that when it becomes necessary for boards to be dissolved, the authorities should communicate the decision to the board and the board would then pass a resolution for its dissolution.

“If the board is to be removed for certain allegations made against it, then members must be given the opportunity to react to the allegations.”

Appointment and replacement of boards, he said would continue “but this must be done in line with best practice”.

Public service corporate governance, he noted, faces many challenges including perceived government interference in the management and governance of public sector companies, lack of training for those appointed to serve on boards, conflicts of interest and persistent corporate irresponsibility with regard to environmental and social issues.

Mr Awuku-Sao said the functions of such a unit would include screening, vetting and recommending to higher authority, persons competent to serve on boards.