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Dec 27, 2017 | Health

Control Your Bp In Cold Weather

Control Your Bp In Cold Weather

Heart is the most important organ in our body. It works efficiently on how our lifestyle is. The better we make our lifestyle, the functioning of the heart becomes better. It is mandatory to take of the heart irrespective of changing in the conditions and weather. Here are some ways in which you can control your blood pressure in winter.

Elderly patient are mostly prone to blood pressure conditions. Hence they should keep themselves extra warm during winters to avoid stress on their heart.

Doing exercise on a regular basis is equally important to avoid blood pressure.

Avoid foods which provide extra calories beyond what is used up by the body on a daily basis.

Visit your doctor or seek advice early for any symptoms suggestive of cardiac origin eg: chest heaviness, shortness of breath, neck tightness etc. During winters, the heart is under extra stress hence the capacity to tolerate any disturbance of oxygen flow to itself is not tolerated well by the body. Seek help early if symptoms occur.

If exercising in open air, try to avoid breathing in cold air. This could cause spasm of tubes blood vessels in lung and stress the heart. Wear a warm piece of cloth over nostrils and mouth when breathing heavily during exercise in cold conditions.

Keep the lung related medications always handy in case of acute deterioration of lung condition due to sudden change in cold weather. Similarly, all cardiac related medications should be taken more regularly during winters so the extra stress on heart is avoided.

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