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Dec 26, 2017 | Health

How To Sit In Office

How To Sit In Office

Desk Jobs often cause more risk of having a neck and spine problems. According to last year’s survey, a serious spine issue has been noticed due to working on desk for 8-10 hours daily. Here are some things discussed which you can do in your office to maintain your spine health.

1. Check Your Posture
You should sit as close as possible to your desk with upper arms parallel to your spine and your hands rested on your desk surface. Make sure your arms and legs are bent at 90-degree angle.

2. Don’t sit very high
Don’t sit very high from your desk’s height as sitting in a chair that is too high can increase the odds of ankle swelling.

3. Use foot support while working
Always use footstool to rest your feet this will reduce the pressure on the feet which will reduce the foot pain

4. Check the depth of the sit.
The depth of your seat may not be something you think about, but having the correct seat depth can make a difference in your back pain. Seat depth refers to the length between the back edge and front edge of your seat.

To check for proper seat depth, first sit all the way back in your chair. Check the room between the front edge of your chair and your calves by making a fist and bringing it to the edge of the chair and pushing it on the calf.

If you can fit your full fist between the front edge of the chair and your calf, you likely have enough space for circulation. If not, your chair is likely too deep. Moving the chair’s backrest forward, inserting a cushion, pillow, or rolled-up towel to support your lower back, or purchasing a new office chair are some possible solutions to this problem.

5. Support Your back
Support your back to the chair in such a way that your back forms a 90 degree to the chair.

6. Watch your posture
Make sure your posture is always straight even while working on a desk PR walking in an office.

7. Watch the height of the screen
The screen of the laptop or the workstation should be parallel to your eyes. This will help to reduce the strain on your neck.

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