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Before, During and After Your Spray Tan

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By Jodie Czeladka

If you want to make the most of your new tan, you should be aware of what you need to do before, during and after your spray tan appointment. Fortunately, the Secret Tanning team is on hand to provide you with expert advice and guidance for your spray tan. Secret Harbour tan lovers will find these tips invaluable for a flawless look.

Before Your Appointment:
The most important step before your spray tanning appointment is to ensure that your skin is exfoliated and any unwanted hair is removed. However, don’t be tempted to leave this until the day of your appointment, as this can create a blotchy finish. For a flawless look and to create a perfect canvas for your new tan, you should exfoliate and shave or wax the day before your appointment.

You should also avoid wearing any makeup, deodorants, perfume or moisturiser to your appointment and let the tanning therapist know if you usually wear a long lasting deoderant. Be sure to wear loose, dark clothing to your appointment, to avoid staining.

During Your Appointment:
In order to obtain the best spray tan , Secret Harbour tan lovers need to speak to the technician. Your tanning technician has the skills and expertise to help you to achieve a flawless tan, but you need to communicate exactly what look you want to achieve. The technician will assess your skin tone to determine the correct formula to complement your natural colouring. So, be prepared to be guided about the choice of tone. While you may want to achieve a dark, bronzed look, it may not be the correct tone for you. Your technician may advise taking a more gradual approach for a more natural look.

During the appointment, your technician will also advise you of when you need to rinse off the product. Be sure to take note to ensure a long lasting, even tan.

After Your Appointment:
After your tanning appointment, ensure that you dress in loose, dark clothing and wear thongs. It is important to stay cool as perspiring will add moisture to your skin and could cause the tan to look uneven. It is crucial that you rinse off the tanning product at the prescribed time. You should start the rinsing process on your legs. Use the showerhead to rinse from your feet up your body. You should avoid using any shampoo or soaps while you are rinsing and limit your shower to just a few minutes. Pat your skin completely dry and moisturise.

Over the next seven to ten days, you should avoid chlorinated pools and long hot showers to maximise the lifespan of your tan.

If you are interested in achieving a natural, flawless spray tan, Secret Harbour tan lovers should speak to us. We offer tanning services throughout Perth, allowing you to enjoy a healthy looking glow without damaging your skin. Our team is available to answer any questions you may have about getting the most of your new tan. If you have any other queries about spray tanning, the Secret Tanning team would be delighted to help.

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