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Technology Web Design and Mobile Apps in Ghana
APR 14, 2017 LISTEN

There are currently apps for everything. Apps to monitor your sleep and to even keep track of your girlfriends’ menstrual cycles. So of course there should be apps that cater for producing one of the basic human needs; food! (Sorry it’s not internet). I went into the Google Play Store and typed “Food recipe” in the search bar and the results were endless. Some of these apps focused on specific dishes like “Hindi meals”, “vegan dishes” and others were just general everyday continental dishes.

Usually Ghanaians lag behind these things but not this time. There is an app developed in Ghana that aims to encourage people to cook and eat Ghanaian. The Wodiru app has recipes for all the major Ghanaian dishes. So next time that you want that girlfriend of yours who can’t cook, get her to download the Wodiru app and get in the kitchen.

Not only does the app give you the recipes in the Food Pool section, it also gives you a breakdown of measurement units and their local equivalent. I found this extremely useful because most cook books use the standard metric or us measurement units and it becomes very difficult for me to convert that to the olonka and margarine tin we use for our everyday measure. Wodiru has taken care of this and not only is it useful in the kitchen, some of these guidelines will come handy somewhere else.

What I found interesting when I spoke to the guys behind this app is the fact that none of them have any training or background in coding or even experts at cooking. This does not mean the app is not a decent one or the recipes are not accurate, far from it. I am a great cook myself so I would know. The team is made up of a Fiifi Boadu, app designer who has a degree in Psychology and Computer Science, Eugene Allotey with a degree in Political Science, Apeyusi Aiden, the coder of the app who has a degree in information studies and Archaeology and Kuukua Thompson who did most of the research.

The idea came about when they were discussing local foods and wondered why there isn’t any way to easily get recipes for local dishes, something that was a hobby for Aiden, who had self-taught himself to code, became the current application. To drum the message of indigenous recipes, they picked the name Wodiru which is the plural for food in Kassem, a language spoken by the Kassena people of Navrongo in the northern part of the country. Today you can get the app on the Google Play Store and they are working Wodiru 2.0 which will also be available on iOS devices.

The next update will have features that will allow users to create an account, share recipes and comments thereby creating an online community of local food enthusiasts. There will be a section for baby foods, qualified chefs to give expert advice and assistance when needed, health components of the dishes and also directions to local restaurants for those who REALLY REALLY CANNOT COOK!

In the mood to surprise your lover with some home cooked meal? Download the app on here.

iOS users, follow them on twitter for updates on the availability of Wodiru 2.0 here

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