NPP WILL FAIL IF ...........

News NPP WILL FAIL IF ...........
JAN 12, 2017 LISTEN

A US based International spiritual leader of Global Truth Spiritual Ministry Inc., Dr. Kwabena Gyakye Bishop has called on the NPP government to treat the former leader, ex-President John Mahama with respect or risk the wrath of God to fail abysmally during their term of governing Ghana.

Dr. Bishop made this statement in New York City near the United Nations' building yesterday reacting to the disrespectful manner that the NPP is subjecting a former leader of Ghana to following a private agreement with the current leader, President Nana Akufo Addo over the former's post tenure settlement which was deliberately leaked to tarnish the hard won reputation of ex-President Mahama.

Dr. Bishop had these words for Nana Akufo Addo..." You made Ghana proud with your speech, fashion statement and your presence. Most Ghanaians especially Diaspora felt very proud, happy and satisfied with the investiture. Your call for all Ghanaians to unite for development was very welcoming. Right now, the atmosphere in Ghana and among Ghanaian Diaspora is of strong optimism that you will succeed. However, know that God does not love hypocrisy, betrayal and deliberate jaundiced intention to disgrace someone who has respectfully requested for what is due him for serving Ghana. All over the world, former Presidents who complete their tenure are properly rehabilitated. In our own Ghana, JJ Rawlings,late Dr. Hilla Limann and J.H. Kuffour enjoyed the same benefits. Why is Mahama's being politicised? The law of Karma awaits everyone so Nana be advised that our God of Truth is watching.

He also used the occasion to give his 2017 predictions for Ghana. He warned the President to stay off some so called man of God who claim they made him win the elections. He said, Nana and NPP knew how and why they won the elections, no details was given on this. He also warned the media to be careful with the way they entertain and encourage dubious men and women claiming to be messengers of God. He asked, there are over million pastors in Ghana, why so few are always in the news over controversial issues. He also said the beginning of the year will not be easy for Ghanaians as they expected and many will soon feel disappointed and make a lot of agitations but things will begin to improve with time and patience. He advised the President to be wary of some Diaspora based Ghanaians who will come to him with big promises of businesses. There is a possibility of intense conflict in the North and some parts of the Volta region. He also advised some of the elected MPs to be prepared for spiritual thanksgiving over their pacts with some 5th dimension energies which could cost some of them their own lives. He also warned that many babies would be kidnapped especially at the hospitals and all will be for spiritual purposes.

Three major not so good events with OMG remarks will happen to welcome his Presidency all have spiritual implications. Watch out for more of such predictions from Dr. Kwabena Gyakye Bishop.

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